Inaugural Event a Smashing Success!

So our Inaugural Cleveland Veganz Event was a smashing success on Friday night. Turnout was great, enthusiasm was high, and booze was plentiful. Also exciting was the fact that we attracted the interest of several folks who weren't THERE specifically for the event--we were able to hook them up with a link to our blog, and perhaps they'll show up next time. Incidental outreach is always quite exciting. And hopefully the group will continue to blossom through word of mouth.

I did take pics, though only a few (because I was having too much fun chatting people up). And unfortunately I didn't catch EVERYONE in the act--NEXT TIME, NEXT TIME!!! *shaking fists at the sky* So if you're not featured in the following set, you have my apologies. Also, if you TOOK pics, feel free to forward them along. Or if you're one of those folks who's like "Omg, you posted a pic of me looking like THAT?" and want your pic removed, gimme a holler as well.

(Click on the pic to see the set)

For those of you who attended and enjoyed the treats enough to want the recipes, here they are:
And thanks again (a million times over) to everyone who showed up! You are a lovely bunch and we look forward to getting to know you all more.

We also hope to meet more of you next time, so stay tuned: our next event should be sometime mid-July on the eastside.

Yours, as always, in vegan spirits,

Lindy Loo




So, if you haven't noticed in our handy-dandy sidebar, we've finally settled on a time and date for our inaugural event:

June 27th, 8pm

at the

The Lava Lounge
1307 Auburn Ave.
Cleveland OH 44113


All we ask is that you come decked out in your best pair of (non-leather ;) booze-shoes and with some money in your pocket to keep the drinks rolling! We will be meeting upstairs and supplying nametags, so just keep your eye out for anyone with their name stuck to their chest (or carrots stuck in their teeth), and you'll know you've found the right folks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Otherwise we hope to see you all there!

Yours in vegan spirits,



Lindy Loo