Cleveland Veganz in September...

(And this was just the first
wave of folks for the night...)

I am a lazy lazy naughty naughty drunken drunken vegan, so I never blogged about our Great Lakes Brewing Co. event. BUT I hope to make up for that today by saying a word or two about our latest Cleveland Veganz escapades at Edison's Pub this past Saturday.

*AND* I even have PICTURES.

Take that! HAIIIIIYA!!!!

So yes: we decided to switch it up to a Saturday this time 'round, and what a success it was. Turnout was the highest it's been (thanks, Don, for adding us on to your Vegetarian Meet-up Calendar!!), the rain decided to ease up for the evening, and we pretty much took over Edison's patio.

Throughout the course of the night, a good 25 to 30 people rolled in and out, chatting it up with other vegans (and veg-friendly folks), chowing down on some rum & cashew fudge, and booze booze boozing. I even got to shoot a game of pool, converse about white male privilege with some smarties, and complain about how the theme song from Silver Spoons has been stuck in my head for days. (DAYS!)

There were tons of new folks. Regulars pleasured us with their presence once again. We even sucked in a couple of non-vegheads (and a dog named Buck).

So yes: it was a wonderful evening. Thank you all for showing and making it such a great time!

If you'd like to check out pics, click HERE. My apologies because not everyone was featured here--by the time some of you late-comers showed up, I had enough beer in my system that I'd *LONG* forgotten about my camera.

Next time. NEXT TIME!

~Lindy Loo