Cleveland Veganz in October!

First off, I must again apologize, as I apparently have photo-A.D.D., which means that I get distracted real easily at our Cleveland Veganz nights and don't end up managing to get pictures of everyone who attended. So to Beth, Michael, and a handful of others: Mea culpa. Next time, I'm gonna be all up in your faces, making you pose and shit. BE FOREWARNED.

Secondly, I think what's quickly becoming my favorite aspect of our monthly Cleveland Veganz events is the fact that each month, a whole batch of new people show up. Don't get me wrong, I also absolutely love the camaraderie of those previously in attendance, the interesting variety of folks I've ALREADY had the pleasure of meeting, and--of course--the booze.

But--for example--this month, about 10 to 15 of the people that showed up were newbies. Which means we're drawing in more and more people each time. And if there's 10+ new folks who attend EACH TIME, that tells me that there's a fricking lot of veg*ns and veg-friendly folks in the Cleveland area. And that just makes me feel all squish and happy about the state of the world.

Thirdly, what was the deal with nearly every dude who attended being named either Dan or John? <-- rhetorical question, though still a true puzzler

Fourthly, we had the pleasure of having Jen Kaden, the Cleveland Regional Coordinator of Mercy for Animals, attend this month, and not only was she warm-hearted and fantastic in person, but it pleased me in particular because she is actually somewhat responsible for my switch over to veganism. (Jen was one of the folks who organized a viewing of The Witness a few years back, which I attended and which was the reason I went vegan the very next day. So woot fricking woot to that!) Her presence in turn got me thinking that even though Cleveland Veganz is a social group and not an activist group, this doesn't mean that we don't have activists in our midst or that we don't appreciate EVERY damn thing that Cleveland animal rights activists are doing for the cause. So I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all of you out there, fighting the good fight.

Fifthly, sorry to the nice fellow on the right in the picture below (who is most definitely either named Dan or John, but I can't remember which)--I CAN vouch for the fact that you DO actually have a WHOLE face in real life and not just HALF of one. Apparently booze and cameras and my A.D.D.ness don't mix well.

Sixthly, thanks to all of you who came out on Friday for making the October event such a good time!

And seventhly, thanks as well to Julia Stiles for making a guest appearance! It's nice to have some celebrity support!

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